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Soothing Bell


Cloud Gate school runs Tai Chi and Qigong classes through the week.  We focus on training for a clearer, stronger, more efficient body and mind.

New to Tai Chi and Qigong? 

Start your journey here.  Jon Price will guide you step by step through exercises, meditations and forms.  Exploring their choreography while applying and developing their underlying principles.

Start exploring Tai Chi and Qigong.





Call to sign up now. 07791 585 449  


 Join today 

Face to face classes

Tuesdays 6.30 - 7.30pm

St Gregory's Hut, Wigorn Road, Bearwood B67 5HQ

Covering  a range of Qigong forms and practices.  

Join a friendly and supportive class

Warm up and create a more a relaxed and loose body.

Learn to co-ordinate body and mind.

Begin to sense and feel your own energy, developing awareness and intention.

Call today 07791 585 449

"Jon's explanations of movements through teaching shows deep understanding of his art.

His calm approach and knowledge is without doubt and you never stop learning with him”


What Cloud Gate students say


Why Practice?

All of the forms, exercises and qualities we teach have been known to help increase physical well-being and even improve various health issues.

Tai Chi and Qigong also have a clear and positive effect on problems that have a more emotional or mind orientated nature such as anxiety or low mood.

However, the main focus in how we teach is on improving the overall quality of life through harmony of body and mind. We refer to this as internal cultivation.

To work towards these goals we teach

Loosening - Releasing tensions in the body

Standing Meditation

Qigong (energy work)

Neigong (inner work)

Tai Chi  

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Our Philosophy

Cloud Gate aims to make training Tai Chi and Qigong accessible and interesting while maintaining an authentic approach to practice.  The focus is on teaching Tai Chi and Qigong as clearly and as accurately as possible, allowing full access to their benefits.


Get in touch  to schedule a free trial class today.

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