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The mind is a complex subject but simply we aim to develop awareness, intention and the quieting of the superficial workings of the mind.

We may rest the mind on the breath, the quality of movement or allow awareness to deepen.


There are of course other aspects to mind such as clarity and discipline.  We begin to notice mental patterns and attitudes that might not serve us or even damage us. In noticing and letting go we begin to dissolve them rather than create more tension in blocking them out or fighting them. 


We may also benefit in our relationship to ourselves by simply showing up for practice.  


In working to calm the mind we develop keener focus.  This may be directed to noticing the workings of the movements or outwards leading the body into a more open relaxed feeling.

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Quiet mind and discipline

Turning up to practice we begin to settle into a routine specifically for our individual development, discovering clarity as we progress.

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