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Misty Slopes

Cloud Gate Tai Chi & Qigong School

The school was founded by Jon Price. 

The school name comes from the name of an acupuncture point which at its essence functions to clear the obscurations that disconnect us from our own hearts.  As an acupuncturist Jon felt this a fitting name for a school of Tai Chi and Qigong, practices that can help in such a quest.


Jon's background in the arts began with a Southern Kung Fu style.  

He later became serious about investigating and training Tai Chi and Qigong when he qualified as an acupuncturist.  This is one reason why his main focus in teaching and within his personal practice is upon the harmony of mind and body rather than an overtly martial pursuit.  However, through the guidance of his teachers and own experience, it is clear that to get the most out of the Tai Chi and Qigong training them in an authentic manner as possible reaps the most rewards.  

Jon has had numerous teachers all who have added their influence, clarity, preferences and insight into Jon's own Tai Chi development.   These teachers have taught various aspects of Tai Chi as well as Qigong to Jon.

The Tai Chi itself has been Yang Style.  Predominantly this was with teachers from the Dr Chi Chiang Tao tradition and later from teachers influenced by the tradition developed by Master Huang Sheng Shyan.  

Lineage is important in these arts though nothing can beat clear instruction, sound training and dedication.  

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