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Learning Tai Chi Form

Tai Chi (Taijiquan)
 is an art that has many facets.  The most popular and well known aspect is its sequence of solo movements known as the form.

The form is there to develop and explore the principles and ideas at the heart of Tai Chi.  However, you have to have a vessel in order to fill it, which means you have to have a set of things for the body and mind to do in order to be able to explore and cultivate the inner workings of Tai Chi.  Once you have the choreography you can refine it, fill it out and ultimately develop the engine for the form you have learned.

Start with the first step.  Just learning Tai Chi's choreography is a big undertaking but is a form of discipline and a commitment to yourself.  While you learn the form you will be introduced to movement concepts and how to bring your awareness and mind into the task of moving the body.  This means that while you use your brain and memory your body will take the first step in becoming more Tai Chi like.

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Because each week will introduce a new movement there is a start date and no new students will be able to join after this date.

To learn the form is truly satisfying


Class starts on Thursrday 20th January 7pm-7.40pm

Classes held live on Zoom

£45 per month (which also allows you into any other Qigong sessions during the week!)

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